All Paws Pet Training Testimonials

“Sandy is an excellent trainer. She provided us with valuable information and techniques to train our puppy. She is wonderful to work with and takes the time to explain the reasons for using the training methods. I would recommend her to anyone with a new puppy”. – Deanne Lisher

“We were so thankful that we found Sandy Wishnick! She provided our family with a positive training method for training our dog in basic obedience. We thankfully don’t have behavioral problems, but Sandy taught us how to teach basic etiquette to our pet. I would certainly recommend Sandy for any type of dog training a family might need!” –Christine Martin

“Sandy was a pleasure to work with and she was great with my dog and showing my family what techniques to use to make him the best dog he can be. And was readily available for me if I had any additional questions or concerns regarding my dog”. – Caryn Dennis

“Before we found Sandy, our dog Smokey wasn’t able to come close to another dog without snarling, lunging, and being very aggressive.Now he goes to the dog park and plays with all the other dogs. We just adopted an 8-week-old puppy, and Smokey lets her sleep with him, chew on him, jump all over him, and eat out of the same bowl.” –Aimee Davis and Joe Bahm

“Sandy was wonderful at preparing our American bulldog for life with a newborn. She helped ease our minds about the frequency of visitors once baby arrived, assisted us in preparing our anxious dog for the big change, and was so personally available that we felt comfortable asking her to come for multiple training sessions.”. – Liz and Ed Houseman

“We were thrilled with the personal care we received from Sandy. She demonstrated the techniques very clearly and discussed the theory behind the practice. Our whole family enjoyed training our dog who has become a very well-mannered family member himself. Thank you, Sandy, for all your help!!” –Emily Gregory

“We can’t say enough good things about Sandy and how much she helped us. I have already recommended her services to several other dog owners. We contacted her when we adopted our 4-year-old English bulldog, Bubba, after he had a tough time adjusting to his new home and had shown quite a bit of aggression toward us..”. – Veronica and Rick Stetler

“Sandy was great to work with. She evaluated the problem and immediately provided training not only to our dog, but to us on how to best help our dog. Sandy showed genuine commitment to the training and provided great suggestions to improve our dog’s behavior. She quickly followed up after each training session and answered any questions we had. We highly recommend Sandy.” –Caitlyn Carmonito

“Sandy very clearly explained the training techniques and the importance of consistency. Even with our nearly 1-year-old yellow Lab’s lack of social graces, she gave us confidence in our ability and his to get the job done. Our initial reservation in bringing a trainer was the fear that we would told we should have done it sooner, but Sandy made us very comfortable and happy we made this choice (VSPDT).” – Christina Filandino

“Sandy was wonderful. My husband and I had used other training programs with some of our other dogs, and we liked Sandy’s positive training approach so much more. Winston, our King Charles Cavalier puppy, didn’t even know the word ‘sit’ when Sandy first came to our home. By the time we were through, Winston could sit, lie down, stay, drop, go-to-place, and come on demand, even with the distraction of our two other dogs, our cat, and our frequent visitors during training.” –Marianne Mowery

“Sandy is punctual, organized, and very professional. She’s kind and consistent with us and our dogs. I recommend her to anyone interested in helping their dogs become better companions. I tried two other trainers, but there’s no comparison—Sandy is excellent at what she does.” – Rena Raso

“What an amazing experience it was to work with Sandy! We came to her after adopting a 3-year-old Standard Poodle from a friend. Lucy was having difficulty with fear aggression, leash reactivity, and adjusting to our 4-year-old toddler. Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to re-home Lucy due to her aggression around our son. Sandy provided support during the re-homing process and even made calls on our behalf to try to identify someone who could help us. I would, without hesitation, hire Sandy again..” –Kelly Robidas

“Sandy is a knowledgeable, compassionate, motivated trainer who was honest with me and truly wanted to help out with my pitbull. My dog responded very well to her and her training. Sandy not only showed me basic obedience, she also helped me understand more about dogs and why they react/act certain ways. She provided written instructions and further information as reminders of what she explained, a great help! She was wonderful and I recommend her to anyone looking for a great trainer!”- Michelle Samsel

“Sandy is an excellent trainer. Our puppy is very energetic, and I contacted Sandy because our children couldn’t play with him without him nipping and jumping on them. Within one session, Lucky was responding to not only me, but also my children, when told to stop and sit. It’s such a pleasure to be able to be in the backyard as a family again!” –Michelle Crawford

“Sandy was so helpful working with our dog, Lily. My husband and I are very pleased with the training tools we were given. Thanks!!”- Kelly Angeli

“We loved Sandy! I am so happy we decided on this training for our dog. He responds to the training techniques immediately!” –Cory and Mark Skoczynski

My dog and I had a wonderful time training with Sandy. She listened to my issues and concerns, showed me the best way to work with my dog, and provided great handouts to recap what we had learned. I have already recommended Sandy to all my friends with new puppies!” –Julie Ahern

“We hired Sandy in May of 2010. We needed assistance in training with our then 5-month-old Labrador retriever, Ruby. We needed help with housebreaking and simple commands. With Sandy’s help we were able to get Ruby house-trained. In the last two months, we taught her sit, stay, leave it, drop it, and go to your crate—all with Sandy’s training.” –Trish Moser

“Our family adopted Juno, a Newfoundland puppy with absolutely no house manners. We were the fourth house he came to in 2 weeks and we soon learned why. Though scheduled for a training visit with Sandy later in the week, I was stressed after struggling 24/7 with this huge, strong dog and his out-of-control behavior. I felt I couldn’t help him. I called Sandy, crying, and she agreed to come the next day, a Sunday. In that first, 2-hour session with our whole family, Sandy made such a positive impact on us and our dog.“Had Sandy not come that day, Juno certainly would have gone to a Newfie rescue. Sandy was awesome; worth every cent I gave her and more. We spent a total of 6 hours over 5 weeks with Sandy, and from day one, each session got better and better.

I’m happy to say that our sweet Juno has turned into an extremely happy, relaxed dog. Now, we couldn’t imagine our family without Juno, and we’ll be forever grateful Sandy came into our life. I highly recommend Sandy and positive reinforcement training. Juno is so well mannered around the house. Thank you, Sandy!” –Janis Good and Juno

“We have raised a number Labradors from puppies dating back to our first one in 1985, so we have learned a thing or two about the difference between a good and a not-so-good trainer. When we brought CJ, our current dog, home last September, we again faced the anxiety of trying to find a good, reputable trainer before CJ picked up bad behaviors. We found Sandy listed on both the APDT and the CCPDT websites, which is impressive. We met her and quickly realized we had found our trainer. I am pleased to report that CJ is now the best-behaved 1-year-old Lab we have ever shared our home with. He walks perfectly on leash, patiently waits for his food bowl, obediently goes into his crate, and much more. All this can be directly attributed to Sandy’s professional training and direction—all with a kind, calm, and reward-driven program. No harsh, cruel techniques are ever used. She gives you all the tools, and then it is up to you to “make the dog.” Thank you, Sandy!”–Joe and Judy Richardson